Changing burpsuite versions on Kali Linux

You may have used Burpsuite in the past and are now wondering why some features such as Spider are missing from newer versions. The following instructions will install an older version of burpsuite on Kali Linux and get the burpsuite Spider back.

Head to Portswigger’s burp releases page and grab a legacy version that supports Spider. In this case, we grabbed version 1.7.36 Community Edition. On Kali Linux, the installer is a .sh file. Make sure you download the correct version for your Kali instance (32bit/64bit).

Use chmod to allow the sh to be executed:

chmod +x

Run the bash script file:

sudo ./

The install script will open up a wizard. Point the install at an appropriate folder. In my case I installed burp to /opt/tools/.

Now we must add the new burpsuite install to /usr/bin so that we can run it easily from the terminal. The old burpsuite will need to be renamed. In this case, we’ll rename it to burpsuite_latest and make sure to use this one when we want to use the latest version of burpsuite:

cd /usr/bin
sudo mv burpsuite burpsuite_latest
cp /opt/tools/BurpSuiteCommunity/burpsuite_community.jar /usr/bin/burpsuite

The last step is allowing the new burpsuite to be executable:

sudo chmod +x burpsuite

Now we’re all done! We can launch the legacy version of burpsuite by simply executing the ‘burpsuite’ command in a terminal. As shown in the image below, our legacy version of burpsuite has the Spider feature.

One response to “Changing burpsuite versions on Kali Linux”

  1. the easiest way is to download the .jar version and you can run it like this :
    1 – Windows : by double click the .jar file if u have Java installed already
    2 – Linux : run the command :
    $ java -jar burpsuite_community_v1.7.36.jar


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